This is it! You can buy or sell your table tennis new or used equipment. We list your merchandise for $5 per item under $50. You send the description, your email, picture if you have one, and the listing fee. Our email address is This site is designed for people who want to upgrade their existing equipment and try something new, without paying full price.


Pre-cut Sheets, new or slightly used, and demos. All are 2.0mm or 1.9mm if Butterfly, or otherwise stated. BUTTERFLY:(RED) JUIC: (RED) All Around D13 (Frauline) $15 Kaiza $20 Sriver $20 Montjuic $20 Sriver FX $20 Montjuic 2.5 $20 Super Sriver (penhold cut) $20 Scramble 1.5 $20 Tackifire $20 Spinspeil $15 Tackiness (Chop) $20 Spinspeil $20 Tackiness (drive) $20 Pips Ace 03pip $20 BUTTERFLY:(BLACK) JUIC: (BLACK) D13 $15 Dany III $15 Sriver $15 Drivasmash $20 Sriver FX $15 Drivasmash 1.5 $20 Renova $20 Hirubia $15 Tackiness (drive) $20 Kaiza (SV) $20 Tackiness (drive) $20 Kaiza $20 Tackiness (drive,penhold cut)$20 Flextra $15 Scramble $20 Spinspeil $15 BUTTERFLY:PIPS (BLACK) Spinspeil $20 Feint (Long Pips) $15 Spinspeil new sheet $25 DONIC: Anti Spin $20 Waldner (Black) $15 NITTAKU: Magic Carbon (Black) $20 Magic Carbon (Red) $20 PANDA: Force (Black) $20 STIGA: Mendo (Red) $20 YASAKA: Tornado (Red) $15 Do (Red) $20 Visco (Black) $20 Mark V (Red) $20 Mark V (Black) $20 Mark V M2 (Red) $20 JUIC: SPECIAL!! SPECIAL!! 999 Globe (Red or Black) in excellent shape, Only $15 SPECIAL!! SPECIAL!! So much tack it will hold a ball upside down.




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